Fitbits new Luxe Fitness trackers with an elevated beauty and design

ยท 1 min read

Fitbits Gorjana’s designer collection is a fusion between fashion and fitness in a designer body. The new Fitbit Luxe tracker has a gorgeous bracelet with a subtle jewelry finish and a great pack of health and activity tracking modes.

So no more bothering about wearing a fitness tracker to a party or any event apart from sports. The general tendency is that the looks of the Fitness tracker will only suit your sports attire and not any other kind of dressing. Now, there is a beautiful piece of wellness tracker that looks no more like a sports type.

Gorjana is a famous designer who modernizes feminine styles with craftsmanship. Therefore Fitbit luxe will be an exquisite piece of wellness tracker that is going quite popular among women with goals to wear jewelry type, health trackers.