Fitbits Grand smartwatch Versa 3 an overlook

ยท 2 mins read

The Fitbits Versa 3 is one of the best smartwatches from the brand. Multiple health tracking features like measuring blood oxygen, temperature tracking especially during sleep, and many other fitness modes make Versa 3 a good choice among its expensive competitors. Though the Versa 3 is missing on the stress trackers, the remaining fitness features are updated just like the Sense. The design of the Versa 3 is very neat in square shape dial, sturdy and sleek bezel.

The screen is AMOLED with a 1.58inch and bright always-on display, which lets you toggle around with the smartwatch in bright or direct sunlight. The versa 3 is has undergone many improvisations in looks and design from its predecessor Versa 2, but the user interface and touch response are still low compared to the high-end watches. Satisfyingly the features of the Versa 3 are worth giving a try. Firstly, battery life holds good for 6 days with a single session of charging. There are multiple watch faces to choose from, as Fitbit supports third-party watch faces. The design of the watch is crisp with essential features and side buttons, no unwanted inscriptions, and heavy dials. On the other Side Versa, 3 is a bit expensive when the price is concerned. The watch still falls under the premium category but remember Versa 3 is also 100$ less than the Sense. This can be compromised for missing features like stress trackers.

Fortunately, it has almost all the best features that are expected from a smartwatch, and not to miss there is also a built-in GPS. The Versa 3 has 20 activity modes for indoor and outdoor sessions, also there is constant monitoring of the heart rate while working out. You can also make contactless payments with the Versa 3, it also has built-in Alexa for more convenience. Collectively, Veras 3 is a grand wearable with more good sides. The watch is now available on Amazon and the Indian price after the discounts and sale workout to 19k.