Fitbit’s fitness trackers for kids will be available all around the world

· 2 mins read

Although the wearable market is witnessing a steep rise, the same involving kids are still quite untapped. It is quite surprising to see the tech giants not developing enough devices to keep kids fitter as the numbers regarding obesity in kids are getting higher with each day. Fitbit has decided to take this opportunity and introduce the Fitbit Ace, the fitness tracker for 8 years group and up. In terms of design, Fitbit ACE lookalike is what you will get but with features that will influence your kids to move more and stay healthier.

It has got the much important showerproof built quality and is capable of tracking steps, distance, calories and active minutes. The OLED display makes interaction fun for your kids and even Fitbit has designed rewards, messages and badges with the completion of move targets. Along with all of this under the hood, the two bright colours and a 5-day battery life encourages your kid to play with it more and thus encouraging more movement.

You as a parent will always have the upper hand as it will solely let you decide with whom your kids connect and what they actually see. The all-new family account lets you have the authority of kid’s privacy and always put a step forward in terms of activity.