Fitbit will get a new update for fixing issues in their Android app.

· 2 mins read

Fitbit has assured its users that they will soon update their software in order to fix the bug which causes the Fitbit app to consume large amounts of data while draining the battery at the same time. However, one thing that must be noted that this is the only app that has faced this problem so far and only noticed in the Android platform.

First detected by the San Francisco outfit, the problem first came to light when few customers tweeted about the issue and also posted about it on Fitbit’s active forum for keeping them updated about the issues.

To come to a solution on this issue, Fitbit released a software update on July 9th which also failed to fix the bug.

Furthermore, when a few customers tried to fix the problem by turning off background data as well as All Day Sync, that did not make any difference either. So, the next attempt also failed miserably.

Obviously, this problem had some customers offended since their limited data being drained off without any explanation. And there were certain cases where 3.5GB amount of lost without any reason. So, a permanent fix is obviously required in order to gift the users with a hassle-free usage.