Fitbit To Cull A Few Of Its First-Party Apps

ยท 2 mins read

Fitbit will be removing a host of apps and faces including the New Parent, Tennis and Think Fast apps as well as the Mood Log clock face. The apps will retire by June 15 and if you have them on your device, they will not disappear but will exhibit reduced functionality. Fitbit Labs is the branch of Fitbit that designs the watch faces and apps for its smartwatches.

We feel the reason behind Fitbit’s decision is the fact that these apps were not really popular with the users, though they claim that it is to make way for “more experiments in the future”. This is hardly surprising as most third-party smartwatch apps do not fare that well. Add that to the fact that Fitbit’s app ecosystem is far less mature when you compare it to the Apple Watch and even Wear OS. “Since its launch in 2017, Fitbit Labs has developed and tested potential Fitbit features through a variety of experimental apps and clock faces designed to motivate users and help drive behavior change,” Fitbit told us in a statement.

“Apps and clock faces from Fitbit Labs are designed to be available for a limited time to help us gain valuable feedback and insights for developing future features that enhance our user experience.” The news comes on the heels of Apple’s announcement regarding the launch of a standalone App Store for its Watch!