Fitbit Charge 3 review

· 2 mins read

The Fitbit Charge was great and it even earned a prestigious 4.5 stars but Charge 3 is all that and more. It offers swimproof design, a better UI, smarter notifications and more battery life. It also includes the SpO2 sensor which will benefit the users once the new Sleep Score Beta program is launched. It will analyse the correlation between sleep patterns and overall health. The tracker is offered in just one size but the design looks great, just about the right size.

Though the core remains the same, you get bands in different sizes. The display is 30% larger when compared to the Charge 2. You can read the notifications and view the fitness data clearly. The side button is no longer there, instead there is a small dimple on the left side of the tracker that works as a haptic button. The Charge 3 offers various fitness modes including running, swimming, cycling, treadmill and weight training. It does not include the GPS feature which isn’t a dealbreaker since it’s highly unlikely that you will go for a run with your Charge 3 and leave behind your phone. In addition to tracking your activites, Charge 3 will also count calories, monitor your sleep and so on.

It also offers automatic workout detection; it will easily detect if you indulge in some aerobics. Charge 3 is somewhere in between a fitness tracker and a smartwatch. Its shows notifications from all third-party apps. The tracker offers a new swipe-up menu which you a peak at your fitness progress for the day including number of steps climbed, distance travelled, hours you slept and so on. The Charge 3 offers seven days of battery life and that’s one of Fitbit’s biggest edges over Apple.