Facebook VP quits much ahead of the Smartglasses launch

· 1 min read

Facebook is newly venturing into the wearable front currently, and this year a smartglasses launch is expected. Much before the launch, Facebook’s top VR Hugo quits the company. Hugo Barra revealed his departure this Monday after a great time of four years.

This news had come up first, ahead of the much-expected launch of the AR-powered smart glasses by Facebook. Facebook merged itself with the luxury eyewear brand Ray-Ban in connection with wearable (smartglasses). Barra had previously worked as a global VP in Xiaomi, and Google respectively.

He shared in a Facebook post stating that he is looking forward to opportunities to explore the healthcare tech. He also added, “I hope to be able to able to apply what I’ve learned from working in the consumer tech industry to help solve meaningful problems in the healthcare world”.