Everything we could gather about Apple’s AirPods 3 Apple’s next-generation hearable could be launched later this year

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Apple’s AirPods were initially ridiculed, but they are now a titanic success and are flaunted by Apple users on High Streets around the world. Apple gave an update to AirPods with a wireless charging case earlier this year. Other than this, there have been no major design changes for AirPods 2. There are now rumours that a third-generation AirPods will be released in 2019. We have collected bits and pieces of information on what is in store in the AirPods 3 that could tempt you to upgrade. The whispers on the new AirPods came to us in April this year with Digitimes reporting that the third-generation wireless buds will be in market by the end of this year.

The new AirPods is assumed to have noise cancellation that will keep all the surrounding noises at bay while you are listening to your audio. The rumours about health-tracking features on AiPods could be just that, rumours. Digitimes later mentioned that there could be changes and additions in the internal design of the AirPods. There are apprehensions of the price going up as well for the redesigned model. The same source also said that AirPods 2, which is seeing high demand, will not be withdrawn from the market. As per the image, the sturdy-looking earbuds will have small wireless charging cases. Another conclusion derived from an icon uncovered in a beta version of Apple’s iOS operating system is that design changes are on the cards for the next-generation AirPods. Our biggest indication that this could be coming is the unveiling of the all-new Beats Solo headphones. Beats Solo headphones also have noise-cancellation features. It includes Pure Adaptive Noise Cancellation (Pure ANC) which is sensitive and auto-adaptive to the surrounding noise.

Beats and Apple share a roadmap for their audio technologies, which leaves us to assume that Apple AirPods may also use the same H1 chip found inside the Beats. An icon found in the accessibility settings of iOS 13.2 accompanied by a mode called ‘Focus Mode’, indicates that the noise-cancellation option can be switched on and off at will. Rumours are that the Apple AirPods 3 will be launched towards the end of 2019. We hope that Apple may give hints on the third-generation AirPods and its features during its hardware event which is to be held in October.