ECG clearance for Samsung smartwatches

· 2 mins read

There are reasons for Samsung to celebrate as the ECG sensor which its Active 2 Galaxy model carries since its inception in September 2019 has received clearance in South Korea. Now, it can take ECG readings without any problem from the wrist which is of great help to its users. Its working is almost similar to the ECG monitor which one can see in Apple Watch Series 5. It has a button which is touch-sensitive and also functions as a sensor.

A 30-second touch on the sensor would activate it and it would start measuring the heart rate and its rhythm. It can also classify whether it is normal Sinus Rhythm or the irregular heart rate of AFib. According to Samsung, more than 33 million people suffer from abnormal heart rhythm globally. Almost all of them are susceptible to heart failure, blood clots and stroke. The Govt of South Korea through its Food and Drug Safety ministry has given clearance to Samsung for use of the sensor to monitor blood pressure in all its devices. The feature will most likely be launched in Q3 2020 and it will be available on newer Samsung devices. It is quite likely that one can find a Galaxy 2 or a Galaxy Active 3 in Q3 through the Samsung Health Monitor app. But the pertinent question is when will it be used in other countries outside South Korea? For that each country has to give medical clearance to the new feature.

A good example is Apple Watch’s ECG and allied applications which are allowed in Europe. But it is difficult for foreign companies to get clearance for such devices in the US. Because of such hurdles, it is very difficult to say when ECG or blood pressure features will be introduced in Samsung devices in other countries.