ECG App in Apple Watch Series 4 Faces Contention in the UK

· 1 min read

The Apple Watch Series 4 is selling like hot cakes and everyone is raving about it but there’s a glitch!
According to Macrumors, the watches will be launched with the FDA-cleared ECG feature in the US, but the inclusion may not happen immediately in the UK.

The ECG feature in the Series 4 will help read your heart rate, using electrodes on the rear of the device, and on the new Digital Crown, thereby alerting the wearer to any abnormal pattern.

As per Macrumors, Apple will have to go through a series of process to get the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) on board. MHRA is the UK equivalent of the FDA. Apple has to first submit all the required documentation and then run clinical trials in the UK with the approval of MHRA.

No one knows for sure whether Apple has already begun the new the study in the UK or whether they can bypass some of the regulations with the help of European Union, but nevertheless the process is time consuming and the MHRA might play hard ball unlike FDA.