Dyson’s New Backpack To Measure London Air Quality

· 2 mins read

Dyson has announced that they will be building a backpack to monitor air quality. The backpack is a result of the collaboration between King’s College London, Greater London Authority and C40’s Breathe London initiative. It will measure London’s air quality, specifically for inner-city kids. Dyson’s purifying devices feature monitoring technology to sense particulates, nitrogen dioxide and VOC in order to monitor air quality.

These same sensors are being modified to fit inside a sensor box that can placed into a special backpack. It also includes a rechargeable battery pack to help capture a week’s data. In terms of design, it looks like a standard school backpack but with a vent in the back to suck in the air for analysis. You have a space for a water bottle and a cute patch that says “I am an air quality scientist”. The monitoring sensors can detect PM2.5 ultrafine particles, PM10 particles, nitrogen dioxide, sulphur dioxide. These are the five London schools that will participate in the study – Marner Primary School, Charlotte Sharman Primary School, East Sheen Primary School, Haimo Primary School and Lordship Lane Primary School.

The study will include about 250 children between the age group of 8 and 11. Dyson is yet another big name joining the wearables bandwagon. There are talks about a face mask too and that’s no surprise as Dyson, in a bid to expand further, will probably begin work on a sensor small enough to fit inside a mask.