Dreem To Introduce New Coaching App to Help Sleep Better

· 2 mins read

Dreem (previously known as Rythm) is a French-American start-up that is using data from its sleep tracking headband to help fight sleep-related problems. It is doing so with the new Dreem Coach app which can be downloaded to both iOS and Android phones.

This app uses the physiological data from the Dreem Band to create detailed sleep reports and make recommendations based on that data. The app also offers expert programs to help improve your sleep quality by addressing problems such as anxiety, chronic insomnia and more. These programs offer tips and exercises to help combat sleep-related issues. According to Dreem, the new advanced Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) functionality of the app can address psychological and behavioral factors that can affect sleep health. “After examining data from hundreds of users who suffer from chronic sleep disorders, we recognized the need to address a critical dimension of bad sleep: psychological and behavioral triggers,” said Pierrick Arnal, scientific director of Dreem.

“This is why we developed Dreem Coach and the Program Library – to give our users an expert companion on their journey to better sleep. With options like the CBT Program, we are integrating the most effective behavioral tools available to solve insomnia and create healthier habits around sleep.”