Custom chips for health monitoring may be the next big thing for Apple

ยท 2 mins read

Apple has always been known for providing innovative solutions and like always, it has shown a keen interest in the health market. CNBC has recently revealed that the tech giant Apple is looking for a way to optimize the health tracking technology with the help of custom chips.

Being powered by SiP or the system in package technology, the Apple watch uses a wide variety of supplier parts along with a chip which has been custom designed for heart rate tracking. However, if custom chips and sensors are used, then it will help in reducing the battery usage while optimizing the health tracking abilities of the watch.

Apple’s plans were uncovered by CNBC from the job requirements that they had posted earlier looking for architects of fitness sensors as well as processors. It hinted at the development of chips which can revolutionize the health sensors. Various other job advertisements posted by Apple also provided a clue that they are looking for engineers to help them develop custom biomedical chipsets. Currently, custom chips are integrated into their iPhones and the use of custom chips in smartwatches for monitoring health can change the whole game that has been going in the market.

Though it seems very unlikely that the next version of Apple watch will feature these chips, it still gives us a hope for a better future that will make our life pretty easy.