Crossfit community’s newest wearable member.

· 2 mins read

Training should never stop when fitness is a goal and with Nexus, you will push a step further besides getting influenced to work harder in the gym every single time. Nexus can be called a GPS watch cum fitness tracker exclusively for the gym. Just like other trackers which track heart rate, steps, calories and distances, Nexus can do a lot more in terms of taking cross-fit training to a new dimension.

The minds behind Nexus are the ones who developed Push Band which is proudly used by multiple athletes as well as professionals involved in sports.

A Crossfit training program has evolved and obtained a great number over the last decade. With this 32 gm device that can slide under your compression sleeve, you will have a clear understanding of the workout progress. It is provided with 6 DOF accelerometer along with gyroscope, only a click will start counting on your number of rounds as well as reps and simultaneously allow you to communicate with your phone in real time. Over 140 different workouts are covered in the database, there are very slim chances that you perform something different which is not there.

Also, the application is available both on iOS and Android platform with a deeper insight into more important information like work to rest ratio, cadence, power, round splits etc.
Have a clear knowledge and breakdown of the sessions you were involved and compete with your friends to shine at top of the leader-board. The crowdfunding goal is met well by the company and Nexus can spark your interest quite well.