Coros Apex Offers Great Battery Life

· 2 mins read

Coros Apex watches may be a game changer, they are designed to take on heavy weights like the Garmin. It comes with astounding battery life.According to Coros, Apex will last up to 30 days in normal battery mode, 35 hours during GPS tracking and up to 100 hours while in UltraMax mode.

In addition, the smartwatch featured the Coros Trainer. It is split into three different stages – Warm-Up, Training and Cool Down. You can get aerobic and anaerobic tailored training plans to suit your specific needs. The Apex can track stamina level, training effects and recovery time in these workouts. You can pick from 2 design options – a 46mm design with a titanium alloy bezel and a 42mm variation with a ceramic bezel. The displays in both are made from sapphire glass, while the silicon bands are interchangeable. The only major difference between the two variants is in terms of the battery life.

The 46mm Apex offers 30 days while the its smaller twin will last24 days in regular mode, 25 hours in GPS tracking and 80 hours in UltraMax mode. You can get the 46mm version at 35,000 INR, with the 42mm Apex comes cheaper at 30,000 INR. You can pick one and see if it lives to up to the hype.