Classic Puma Rs-Computer Shoe 2018 Reissue

· 2 mins read

The Puma RS-Computer shoe is all prepared to replace your fitness tracker with its new updates. The company is bringing back a running shoe from 1986 to beat down all other fitness products. The original Puma RS-Computer shoe had the ability to record distance, time and calories burned with the help of a chip that was fixed inside the heel.

The 2018 reissue will provide you with the same features but now you can sync the shoes wirelessly over Bluetooth with the RS-Computer smartphone app. The original Puma RS had to be hooked up either to an Apple IIE or a Commodore 64 using a 16-pin cord to present the data in order to start its function. LED lights will let you know if you have crossed your daily step target or battery status. Each shoe is packed with 3-axis accelerometer sensors and can store up to 30 days worth of data. Puma still hasn’t shared details on battery life and how long you will have to charge them. The connected kicks can be recharged via USB, which is bundled into the shoe box. The new model retains the original Lunar Rock – Limestone – Peacoat colorway and there are only 86 pairs available globally. This is to signify the year it first originated. Each pair will feature the limited-edition number (between 1 and 86) on a woven label inside the tongue.

The new 2018 Puma RS-Computer shoes can now be bought at 55,500 INR. You can buy them T in the US and Japan and Puma stores in Harajuku in Tokyo, Carnaby Street in London and in Berlin. Since there are only 86 shoes available for this limited edition, do fasten up your choices.