Cardiogram Comes to Fitbit Devices

ยท 1 min read

The most popular heart health app, Cardiogram, was not available on Fitbit devices until recently, but that is now rectified. Fitbit devices such as Alta HR, Inspire HR, Versa, Ionic, and other Fitbit Charge devices which feature a heart rate sensor can support Cardiogram.

The app works on an algorithm that takes into consideration your heart rate and sleep data to tell you how your workout, diet and stress levels affect your overall health. Cardiogram is not FDA approved but is fairly accurate in detecting early signs of diabetes, hypertension, sleep apnea and atrial fibrillation. At the heart of Cardiogram is a neural network called DeepHeart that has gone through multiple clinical studies. As Fitbit’s wearables have a longer battery life when compared to Wear OS devices and Apple Watch, Cardiogram in Fitbit devices will be able to collect and analyse data for longer periods of time.

Fitbit’s devices can track your sleep, and Cardiogram can collect this data through the night and use it to refine its algorithms. You can download Cardiogram for free or get a paid subscription to Cardiogram Premium that allows you to share your data with your doctor or family.