Cardiogram app to be found on Garmin wearable devices.

· 2 mins read

Garmin is taking their wearable technology to a whole new sphere with each passing day. Along with creating domination in the wearable market, Garmin’s latest step of integrating their range of wearable with the Cardiogram application will provide users with advanced metrics on heart rate. As the sensors are built in the Garmin watches, a better insight into daily activity, sleep and even health conditions can be anticipated.

Though previously Wear OS watches and Apple Watches had collaborated with the application and always showed highly accurate as well as impressive results, Cardiogram believes the integration on Garmin will gift the users with more detailed heart rate graphs and a better study of disease detection algorithm. The use of great sensors allows Garmin to produce extremely accurate and high-resolution readings, thus an enhanced outcome can be expected when used with the amazing Cardiogram app.

Cardiogram application is available both on the Android and iOS platform but users have experienced troubles when using it with the latter. Reports from the company state their eagerness to solve the problem by coming up with newer updates for iOS.

In the coming years, we can expect the wearable giants to run the show as they are even keen on extracting more out of the high-end sensors packed in the devices. Though in the near future tech giants like Apple and Garmin can come up with their independent algorithms, for now, this is the wisest step in terms of aiding in health care by means of wearable technology. So ready to experience the benefits?