Bixby to make its first launch in Samsung Galaxy Watch?

· 2 mins read

Since Samsung Galaxy S8 introduced its highly intelligent assistant Bixby to the users, most of the users were curious about knowing the plans of the company on debuting Bixby in its wearable devices. Though the assistant was not included in the Gear Sports smartwatch from Samsung which was launched last year but as per speculations and reports from a Samsung representative, the assistant will soon be introduced to the Samsung wearable devices. Recently, SamMobile also claimed that the

Bixby will make its big debut with the next Samsung Galaxy watch which had been given the name, Gear Sport 4.
However, the assistant will not feature any dedicated button like it was seen in its Galaxy phones. It will rather be completely voice controlled. All you will need to say is “Hi Bixby” to get your virtual assistant online and it’s done. It is being widely believed that the company is going to introduce Bixby 2.0 during the unveiling event of their Galaxy Note 9 and it is surely going to catch the eyes of the users. Well, all of these are just speculations now as we will still have to wait for some time to see what Samsung has in store for us.