Beddr’s SleepTuner Is Now Available

· 2 mins read

Fitbit has been at the forefront when it comes to sleep tracking devices but other companies are also trying to spin their own wearables with better sleep trackers. Now Beddr has come up with a postage stamp sized SleepTuner for your forehead. It weighs as much as a nickel and can give you a few other metrics. It features a 3-axis accelerometer and optical sensors for sensing your heart rate, blood oxygen level, stopped breathing events, sleeping position, movement and awakenings.

All the collected data will be stored in Beddr Cloud and you access it once you can sync your phone to the cloud via Bluetooth. This device will track your sleep night-on-night and use the data to show trends regarding your overall sleep quality to night-to-night improvements in oxygen saturation, stopped breathing events and sleep position. The SleepTuner comes with 12 hypoallergenic disposable adhesives which help the device to stick to your forehead. Your forehead might be an odd place to stick a device but it’s for reason. According to Beddr CEO and co-founder Mike Kisch, “Apnea is very positionally dependent,” he says. “People who sleep on their side, on average, have 50% fewer stopped breathing events just by sleeping on their side. So, a tracker on the foreahead is more comfortable than one on the writs, forehead is a better spot to detect SpO2 and track sleep position. Though the SleepTuner isn’t FDA approved, it is FDA registered.

Kisch says the FDA is less strict now and allows health tech products in the market quicker without FDA approval but just that the companies have to be always prepared for possible surprise inspections. In the first or second quarter of 2019, Beddr is planning to use the SleepTuner as a home sleep test diagnostic which is also the ultimate goal. The SleepTuner is available now for 11,000 INR. It includes the sensor, 12 adhesives, a charging cable and a protective travel case.