Become a Better Swimmer with AI – Triton 2

ยท 1 min read

TritonWear, a swimming wearable was launched in 2015 by a Canadian start-up. The device worn under the swimming cap or clipped to the swimming goggles analyses the stokes based on head movement, and monitors swim metrics – push offs, breathing events, turns, underwater dolphin kicks and more.

The data from the wearable is related wirelessly to a secondary poolside unit, the Triton Connect, which in turn relays this to the coach’s or swimmer’s tablet by Bluetooth and is presented as graphs. The company is to now upgrade this to Triton 2, the wearable’s second generation. Triton 2 is to be smaller and lighter, with a longer battery life. It will lean on AI (artificial intelligence) for auto-coaching features, to diagnose, and provide insights to coach’s and swimmer’s alike.

The device is seen to be of good value to competitive swimmers and triathletes of all levels. Triton 2 can be pre-ordered from TritonWear’s website, at 11,000 INR per year for one unit. For an additional 3,000 INR you can add on motion analysis for better analysis of swimming techniques.