Be at the best of your health, iBeat Heart Watch is there to help you.

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Though there are a myriad of smartwatches as well as wearable fitness devices that can track your heart rate to help you to get the most out of your exercise regimen. However, there has been no technology available for smartwatches to detect when a person is facing cardiac arrest.

Well, this issue has been resolved since iBeat has developed a heart watch which uses their patented AI technology to check the circulation, heart rate and other key biometrics. The watch checks for the anomalies in the wearer’s health. If someone spots anything problematic, then it sends a notification to the user to confirm whether everything is okay.

The device comes equipped with inbuilt WiFi, GPS and several other features so that it can function without any aid from the cellphone. Plus, it features special SOS features to help people to get immediate help whenever required. The company has confirmed that the proprietary chain of the professional CPR members can be contacted for help through an app named Heart Heroes. They are trained for dealing with any such situation.

Available currently at 18,000 INR, the iBeat Heart Watch assures you about round the clock monitoring and safety.