Baby Wearable with Diaper Change Alert

ยท 1 min read

Baby monitors are a great savior for parents as they help track your child’s sleep and other metrics. Now Xtrave has gone one step further to introduce its new Butterfly wearable which will do all that a baby monitor does plus track diaper wetness.

Miracle or what!! Just clip on this little wearable and it will tell you when it’s time for a diaper change. It uses AI and those sensors to detect your baby’s movements and breathing. According to Xtrava, the Butterfly can monitor the environment and use that information to analyze your baby’s sleep. We are not sure how it is actually done but once we do, we will update this space. It features a humidity sensor and it comes in handy for diaper wetness sensing. The Butterfly tracks your baby’s entire day and gives updates regarding their breathing, sleeping and diaper changes at the end of the day.

This data together with AI will give you an insight about your child’s sleep pattern, diaper change frequency and more. You can pre-order the Butterfly for a special early-bird price of 7,000 INR, which includes a one-year premium subscription. After the early-bird pricing, it will cost you 14,500 INR.