Asus’s VivoWatch will offer medical-grade BPM

· 2 mins read

Asus established their name as profound tech giants but their Zenfone 3 might have put a halt to their smartwatch game. To step up their game yet again, Asus introduced a wearable that ensures medical grade blood pressure monitoring. VivoWatch BP, as they named it is not your everyday fitness tracker but uses ECG and light base PPG to bring forward their real-time tracking of blood pressure.

The Computex event held in Tapei is where the watch has unveiled. The monitor extracts the data and passes it through the Health AI Algorithm which promises to give health related suggestions. Alongside the blood pressure readings, the BPM is equipped to calculate heart rate, sleep quality, activity data, and de-stress index efficiently. This smart move from Asus may actually draw a line that differentiates between day to day activity and exercises.

Talking about the design, VivoWatch BP is a standout monitor with no hassles of inflatable cuffs, like every other monitor in the market. The shredding of the extra cuffs and the watch-like form makes the wearable smaller by 70% and lighter by 50 %. Asus is looking at July for the slated release of the wearable in Asia, but the final FDA approval still remains in fog.