Assures a sound sleep for your kid with MyLite wearable.

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Nightlights are very important. It helps your child to be fearless and safe at night. However, the thing that helps your children to feel safe during bedtime might also be the prime reason due to the lack of sound sleep at night for your children. Thus, it is better to say that the nightlights do more harm than good. And that’s how the idea of MyLite wearable LED light came to be.

Invented by Phil Baker, he also had been troubled by the irregular sleep patterns of his granddaughter due to the use of night lights. So, it was the prime motivation for him to come up with the idea of creating this wearable nightlight.
Featuring a simple design, the MyLite night light is very easy to use. All you need to do basically is to strap it on the wrist of your child and press the button to activate the light.

The best thing about this LED light is that it allows you to set the time in auto timer to switch off the light once your kid is asleep. Plus, it can be used for weeks on a single charge.

Well, it is obviously a brilliant invention. And it will definitely help parents in a variety of ways to ensure the best for their children.