Apple’s patented wearable is rumoured to track major health issues.

· 2 mins read

Apple wanted to dive into the market of the healthcare tracking wearable device and hence applied for a patent “Apple Invents a New Health Wearable Device That Measures Electrocardiogram Signals”. Though it was applied back in 2016, the patent has finally been accepted and we can now hope to see a new range of wearable that can perform higher scores than the hugely popular range of Apple watches.

Interestingly, the patent had contents that described how the wearable will not only be limited to wrist wearing but can be used on ankles as well. It was even said that the device will itself identify the part of the body and collect the ECG readings. Just not a collection, but it will even ensure that readings are correct as readings from ankles and wrists will be different altogether. What it will do is that it will evaluate the readings and level them out so that you have the right information on the readings.

The question regarding the launch of this patented wearable still lingers big time as developing a device for the mass and simultaneously keeping it under FDA regulations is indeed a challenging task.

The tech world did have some news back in 2017 regarding an Apple watch with inbuilt ECG, but it is still cloudy news with no confirmation from the trillion-dollar tech giant. If the Series 4 Apple watch comes along with this, it will be something wonderful and the crowd is eagerly waiting for Apple to unveil the truth.