Apple’s 6 new watches are lined for a launch after September

· 2 mins read

Apple is no way leaving the race of smartwatches and has just gathered the needed permission from the Eurasian Economic Commission for making watches in the Eurasian Economic Union. With this, Apple has registered a new line of six Series 4 watches in the database.

As all can hope, with Series 4, a lot of new things are going to come. Going by the leaks on the new line up, the next-gen timepiece can house a 15% bigger screen and even have bezels which will help with the design of the larger screen without altering the outer dimensions. On the inside, one can witness a better performance owing to the better processor, better sensors and substantial boost of the battery life.

Consomoc learned about the filing of the six new devices from Apple in the Eurasian economic database but were unable to extract out information on the specifications of the devices. Good news is, Series 4 will come with watch OS5 out of the box.

Apple’s new approach has the reduction of two watches from their past line-up as Series 3 had a total of 8 models in the list. It can be expected that the new line will miss the GPS only model and their expensive ceramic model from the list.

All about rumours and leaks, the IFA is due soon and the world will then only know all the information on the Series 4 edition from the Cupertino brand.

Source: 9to5Mac