Apple Will Now Allow you to Remove Native Apps from your Device

ยท 1 min read

Apple allowed you to uninstall third-party Apple Watch apps by holding down the app icon and selecting ‘X’ and now you can get rid of the company’s own built-in apps in the same way. You can effortlessly remove Stopwatch, Alarm, Remote, Timer, Breathe and Apple’s ECG app.

The watchOS 6, which will launch during the latter part of 2019, will have this capability. You cannot do this on current Apple Watches because there is no app equivalent that lives on your iOS device. But in watchOS 6, those in-built Watch apps will feature inside of Apple’s App Store, so you can easily delete and reinstall them. But certain first party apps like Heart Rate and Messages apps cannot be removed. The decision to offer more control to Apple watch owners comes on the heels of the new on-device App Store.

Also, Apple is introducing new first party apps such as Audiobooks, Voice Memos, Calculator, a Cycle Tracking app for women as well as a new Noise app for protecting you hearing. So, you can decide whether you want these apps on your device or not!