Apple Watches on Sale

ยท 1 min read

Apple Watches are selling like hot cakes and why not! They are swanky and the default choice for any iPhone users. If that was not reason enough to buy, now both the Series 3 and 4 are available with amazing discounts. Amazon serves the best deals even better than Google but Walmart and Best Buy are also coming up with competitive deals.

Let’s take a look at the deals on Amazon. The series 4 is a relatively new device and has a great look and feel. The Apple Watch Series 4 40mm GPS is available for 27,500 INR, giving you a saving of 1,500 INR. The Apple Watch Series 4 44mm GPS with silver aluminum case and white sport band is priced at 26,500 INR with a discount of 4,000 INR.

The same model with gold aluminum case and pink sport band is available for 27,000 INR, saving you 4,500 INR. The series 3 may be older but the model is definitely classy. The Apple Watch Series 3 42mm GPS with the black/white sport band is available for 24,000 INR (6,000 INR less).