Apple Watches are an Indisputable Success

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The Apple Watch Series 3 was a hit and before long Apple came back with the more impressive Series 4. Apple is the market leader in smartwatches and has guaranteed complete user satisfaction and their success has encouraged other smartwatch makers to double their development efforts.

According to CCS Insight’s George Jijiashvili, smartwatch owners are more engaged in the present times as opposed to the past, where abandonment numbers were quite high and discouraging. Though Apple is pretty single-handedly dominate the iPhone smartwatch market, there is an immense growth potential for Android phones. Brand like Fossil, Louis Vuitton, Samsung and Huawei are showing a great deal of interest in exploring the smartwatch arena.

The market is also ripe for carriers who can charge for cellular-enabled smartwatches to access their networks and thereby improve their revenue.CCS Insights predict that in 2019 around 88 million smartwatches will be sold, while it is expected to increase to 137 million by 2022.