Apple Watch Series 4 will be button-less

· 1 min read

In the generation of “Touch” interface, the physical buttons on all three generations of the Apple Watch felt more of a misfit. Fast Company’s latest report suggests that the digital crown and the side button are all set to be replaced by an all-new solid state equivalent.

This changes your interaction with the watch and now you will get a vibration under the fingertip instead of what you used to get from pressing the side button. However, Apple is going to hold on to their patented rotating Digital Crown which lets you play with the menus and applications on the watch.

In addition to a new feeling, the elimination of the physical button saves it from risks of breaking and Apple might make the watch even better in terms of waterproofing. Along with that, experts are indicating equipping of more sensors and maybe a bigger battery to tackle with your adventures.

Having said that, every bit of this news is yet to be confirmed. Users can hope for the upgrade in the Apple Watch Series 4, slated to release in September 2018 or might have to wait till the launch of the next Apple Watch.