Apple Watch is ready to keep you active with Nike’s Training Club app.

· 2 mins read

Nike Training Club application is undoubtedly one of the best fitness applications in the market when paired with the Apple iPhone. To take their game to the next level, Nike came up with the idea to launch a version for the Apple watch as well. Now, users can have over 180 free workouts without having to intervene with the smartphone every now and then.

Just like the version for the smartphone, the watch version also has nearly every benefit with an added advantage of progress check directly from the wrist without having to reach your pockets. You can focus more on the workout rather than handling your iPhone.

Though the session has to be initiated from the phone only, the watch can handle every further operation like the number of reps, calculation of heart rate and burnt calories, and much more information.

Even better, you have haptic feedback is inbuilt, so that at times you can keep on going without even looking at the watch. Fitness enthusiasts who love to move with the beats of music, the quick access music control is there for them as well.

Download the Nike Training Club application directly from the App Store which comes along with the free update of the existing iPhone app. For monitoring and recording of your stats, you can connect it to the Apple health as well.