Apple Watch bands from Coach

ยท 2 mins read

Coach pays homage to every season with an exciting range of Apple Watch bands. Only a few months back, we had summer-ready bands and now its time for the fall collection.

Haute Ecriture spotted these exciting seasonal bands, available in two designs and two colors – Cadet and Crystal Tea Rose. The Cadet band is made from soft, burnished, glove-tanned leather (just like other Coach bands) and is available in navy. The Crystal Tea Rose features crystals on the flowers unlike the existing Tea Rose straps that has steel. The Crystal Tea Rose straps are available in pink and teal colors. The Apple Watch Strap with Prints offers two color options: Rose Print and the cute Pigtini Party. Rose Print is a dark red glove-tanned leather strap with pink roses while the Pigtini Party is a glovetanned leather strap with a pig holding balloons.

Oh yes, you read that correct! You can now buy older Coach Apple bands from Orchard Mile, but for the newer ones you have to go to Coach online. Now for the prices – the Cadet is available for 11,000 INR while the Crystal Tea Rose can be bought foe 14,000 INR. As for the new Strap with Prints, they will set you back by 11,000 INR each.