Apple to Introduce Glucose Tracker in Its Devices

· 2 mins read

According to Dexcom, the wearable glucose tracker makers, Apple is all set to launch a diabetic-friendly feature within the next year. The company’s CEO, Jim Cramer, said “It’s coming, and this tool is great for people with diabetes. The Dexcom G6 wearable is a glucose tracking device that offers a major lifestyle improvement for diabetic patients. You no longer need to take finger pricks to monitor your glucose levels.

Apple has been big on serious health monitoring technology like heart monitoring and so on but they have had no major leeway when it comes to features that cater to diabetic patients. This collaboration with Dexcom will be fruitful until Apple is ready for its own solution. While the latest Apple Watch does have serious health monitoring tech on board, to detect heart conditions like atrial fibrillation, it doesn’t currently offer any built-in features that cater for diabetics. And it could well be many years before that happens, despite rumors that Apple has a crack squad working on a diabetes tracking breakthrough of its own.

Collaborations with the likes of Dexcom will help fill that void until Apple comes up with a solution of its own. Cramer also revealed that Dexcom and Verily are working together on a new G7 wearable platform. We have no idea what form the tracker will take but according to Cramer, it will be “a device for the ages”. Even FitBit has partnered with One Drop to design non-invasive continuous glucose monitoring for its devices. So, Apple will be in a hurry to pioneer the breakthrough before anyone else does.