Apple to Improve Health Tracking with Bands that identify their Fit on the Wrist!

· 2 mins read

Apple is exploring ways to make monitoring of health data form the wrist more reliable. This is evident from a new patent they published that outlines a new feature on the watch band, a tightness sensor. This along with a processing unit gauges the fit of the band on the user’s wrist. If the Band is not tight enough, the user will be notified to adjust it till the fit is correct for the device to take a biometric reading.

This sensor will be placed where the band attaches to the casing, and it will be able to measure the strain in different directions. This feature will also be able to sense the bending of the band versus it sitting on the wrist so that it does not pick any false readings when the band is not being used. Although the makers are not sure of the health condition or patient type this feature will benefit the most, it is known that good sensor contact with the skin is essential for accurate heart rate data from the wrist, for most devices using optical sensors. By including ECG on its Series 4 watches, Apple is trying to make its heart rate technology more reliable.

With that in mind, having a band that can discern if the reading being taken is good will definitely be beneficial for all health and fitness reasons. At the time when Apple is advancing further into health monitoring functions, a patent for a feature like this can definitely help the company offer more advanced tracking options for users to rely on.