Apple smartwatches will introduce cellular services.

· 2 mins read

Apple being Apple is coming up with something remarkable that will change the smartwatch market for good. IDC’s latest forecast focuses on Apple adding cellular services in their Series 3 watch. This move benefits the cellular providers at large and eventually will influence more users for the latest smartwatches. For the latter to prosper, more companies need to accept this challenge and come up with devices with cellular reception.

While Google is all set to launch their smartwatch, stern competition can be expected both from Apple and the Android-based smartwatches. As Android-based allows customization and Google lacks a strong foothold in China, battle royal of smartwatches is highly anticipated.

According to IDC reports, the entire 2018 saw 8 million shipments of Android-based smartwatches while only a 5.4 million for a Wear OS and it is likely to rise and fall exponentially for both.

Along with these, IDC also forecasts how smartwatches will dominate the wearable market dissing out fitness trackers. It is even expected that by 2022’s end, smartwatches will capture 44.6% of the entire wearable market while fitness trackers will show no sign of improvement. We can even expect a drop in price by 3,500 INR by 2022, quite a blowing news for the fitness tracker manufacturers.