Apple Records Huge Earnings in Q3

ยท 1 min read

Things are looking for Apple in the wearables business especially if you take a look at their latest earnings report. They have recorded a 50% year-on-year growth in this section.

As per Tim Cook, wearables, accessories and home technology brought in more revenue than the iPad division, over 39,000 crore INR. Cook even went on to say that this division of the company, on its own, is the size of a Fortune 200 company. According to Apple, of all watch purchases, 75% were from first time buyers. AirPods are also in great demand – you walk down any street in London or San Francisco and you will see ample evidences.

Tim Cook also took potshots at competitors regarding Apple’s decision to stick with wearables where “others didn’t”. All in all, Apple had a blowout quarter for the business and we can forgive them from being a little vain.