Apple patents its non-invasive way of monitoring glucose.

· 2 mins read

U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has given us an information that the world would love to bank upon as the contents of the news about the development of Apple’s newest technology of monitoring blood glucose by a non-invasive technique. Known as absorption spectroscopy, the methodology of the technology is passing light onto the bloodstream of the user followed on by the calculation of the amount of light absorbed by the blood. With having a benchmark for reference of the absorbed light, it will evaluate the amount that was actually absorbed and show the results of glucose level in the blood.

Apple will even ensure against accuracy issues by using differentiated light emitters, filters, SWIR and various other components in the Apple watch, thus providing you with information on the blood glucose level by means of a wearable device.

It was the thoughts of Steve Jobs in his last years that influenced the company to develop the non-invasive solution for glucose level and since then they have been trying to create sensors to tackle this solution. With the current pace of advancement, Apple is all set to replace traditional glucose monitoring by skin piercing method given the world is ready to wait for few more years. The eavesdroppers have enlightened that the technology won’t be available in Apple Watch Series 4, whose release is due in the later of 2018.