Apple Cancels its AR Smartglasses

· 1 min read

Apple AR Smartglasses that were supposed to be launched in 2 years have been cancelled by the company. Reasons cited for this as reported by Digitimes include failure to arrive at a lightweight design, and issues with 5G networking support.

Another speculated reason for the cancellation is that the AR smartglasses project lead Avi Bar-Zeev (previously responsible for Microsoft’s HoloLens) left the company earlier this year. This is quite a disappointment as with Google too failing to mainstream Google Glass, we were hoping for Apple’s AR Smartglasses. Apple has also been working to improve its ARKit platform (accessible via Apple’s smartphones and tablets).

Also, the company’s hiring patterns led to the speculation that they were gearing up to launch their own smart eyewear. Apple has already cancelled its AirPower charging mat this year. As of now, we only have few details, but hope for more soon.