Apple and Aetna to roll put Attain Health App

ยท 2 mins read

Apple and Aetna were into secret meetings way back in 2017 for bringing Apple Watch to 23 million customers of Aetna. The discussions have borne fruits and a new program called Attain has been launched. It uses Apple Watch together with an app to reward you for your activity and health goals. One of those goals includes earning back the Apple Watch that Aetna gives you when you join the program.

Attain is based on four ideas. The first is achieving activity goals in the Attain app. The app suggests daily activity goals based on your age, sex and weight. The metrics includes everything from steps and swimming to yoga. The second bit is weekly goals related to sleep, nutrition and so on. The third is health recommendations which combines your health history with Aetna and Apple Watch’s sensors. The recommendations based on clinical guidelines and are designed by a team of doctors. At launch, the notifications will include basic reminders like meeting activity goals, refilling prescriptions, getting vaccinations and availability of lower-cost lab tests and MRI scans. If you complete all of your goals and recommendations, you stand to gain points and earn rewards, which include earning back your Apple Watch and bagging gift cards to “popular national retailers”.

We are not clear which retailers are on-board but it’s likely that Apple at least could be an option. You can share your health data with Apple, which in turn will share the data with Aetna. Then, machine learning algorithms will make more personalized health recommendations based on the data. The health data is encrypted on device, in transit and on Apple and Aetna’s servers. The Attain app will rollout in Spring 2019.