An upgraded version of Google Fit is coming for you.

· 2 mins read

Google Fit’s name in the market for health and fitness has certainly laid back owing to their competitors like Apple, Samsung, Fitbit etc. Though Google Fit is the primary platform for health and fitness for Google, its update is now overdue as 2014 was last when Google Fit got something new. The new update will bring in new features and a facelift for both smartphones as well as smartwatch applications as Google has collaborated with the World Health Organization and American Heart Association to develop their new guidelines.

With two new activity goals, “Move Minutes” and “Heart Points” on the Google Fit, staying fit and healthy will be much easier and fun. The Move Minutes feature will track your entire day’s movement through the watch or your smartphone. Besides that, it will nudge when you are lagging behind from your goal.

Heart Points, on the other hand, is a feature that will gift you with points every time you make your heart pump harder. That means, every time you are going for a run or walking at a brisk pace, you earn points on the Google Fit.

Though it may look as a less effective tracking update by Google as it will not be able to track your activities exclusively, Google believes that these features will give you a simpler approach towards a healthy and balanced life. The simpler the user-experience is, the better the results are- this motto of Google comes with their newest update of the Google Fit.