An Apple Watch App for Footballers to Track Performance

· 2 mins read

This new free app by DashTag for the Apple watch is to make it easier for footballers to track performances on the pitch. The app uses its own algorithms along with the sensors on the apple watch to track data. Data tracking is driven by sprints, so the app records speed, acceleration, stamina, distance covered, number of steps and sprints. It then uses this data to offer insights to the player as well as the coaches with respect to endurance, intensity levels, etc.

DashTag’s co-founder Dirk Van den Berg said that the app’s algorithms focus on sprints because, from the sprints, it is possible to gauge and understand the players stamina, for example when a player is not able to maintain high intensity sprints towards the end of a match. Before their watch app, DashTag’s software was packed into a wearable device that was clipped on to the players shorts. With the Apple watch app, it is easy for players to access the data. By using augmented reality and Apple’s ARkit platform, DashTag is able to display the performance metrics as a comparison with pro players. This allows users to record sprint videos or training drills to then compare with the top players of the game. The App is expected to launch in the Fall this year and will be free. For a subscription of 150 INR, the user can access additional features such as personalised coaching or exercises.

Dutch football giants PSV Eindhoven were a development partner to this 2015 start-up, with the aim to develop a system that players would use. It will be interesting to see how their move from a clip-on device to a wrist wearable will work out, as usually watches and jewellery are not encouraged during the games and training. If it does work out on the apple watch, we hope to see this DashTag app on more smartwatches, as Apple watches are quite expensive.