Amazon Echo Frames Released

ยท 1 min read

Amazon Echo Frames are going for a December release, all spruced up with new features. They put Alexa into a regular-looking pair of glasses. Echo frames are not AR, but feature four directional speakers built into each temple of the glasses. With open-ear technology, you can now talk to Alexa without others hearing the responses.

So, you can carry out a multitude of functions – make calls, control your smart home, get notifications and listen to music. The glasses are made from carbon fibre and titanium for a lightweight design. Rated IPX4, they are sweat, water and splash-resistant. These lightweight frames are compatible with most prescription lenses. The new Echo Frames can automatically adjust volume based on your environment.

The new version has 40% more battery life, meaning about 60 minutes of music, 30 minutes of phone calls and 120 incoming notifications over a period of 14 hours. When the glasses are not in use, the auto-off feature will prevent battery drain. The All-new Echo Frames, as Amazon is marketing them, are priced at 18,500 INR and will be on sale from December 10.