Amazfit GTR – A Budget Smartwatch that Promises 74-day Battery Life

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Amazfit GTR is Huami’s newest smartwatch set to come out in the latter part of 2019. Amazfit Verge 2 was unveiled in June. GTR will be a budget smartwatch intended for sports tracking. GTR is to be available in 2 case sizes – 42mm (1.2-inch, 390 x 390 resolution screen) and 47mm (1.39-inch, 454 x 454-pixel resolution AMOLED screen).

There is also a third model, the Iron Man limited Edition version with a 47 mm gold colour casing and a red silicone strap. All models are to be Android and iOS compatible. Other features include built in GPS/GLONASS for outdoor activity mapping, heart rate monitor,5ATM design that confers water resistance for pools and open water use. They do not have a speaker or mic built in. They will be able to display phone notifications for calls and messages. Amazfit smartwatches have excellent battery life always. The 42mm GTR has a 190mmAh battery and will give up to 12 days for normal use, 22 hours in GPS tracking and with the basic watch mode, one can expect 34 days of battery life.

The 47mmGTR has a bigger 410Ah battery that can support 74 days of basic watch mode, 24 days in normal use and 40 hours GPS tracking. The new GTR will first be available in China, with the 42 mm costing 13,000 INR.The 47mm GTR (aluminium/steel) will be priced around 14,000 INR, while the Iron Man Limited Edition will cost approximately 15,000 INR.