Amazfit Bip S to be launched at CES 2020 Two more wearables expected

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Update: Amazfit launched a duo of new smartwatches at CES 2020. Amazfit is launching a successor to its popular budget smartwatch. The Amazfit Bip S will be unveiled at CES 2020 in Las Vegas. The Bip S may be a lighter watch, according to hints gathered from the company’s teaser on Twitter. Beyond that all the details are a guessing. From the outline shown, it looks like Bip S shares the same design as its predecessor.

The Bip which retails for just 7,000 INR has GPS packed in it. A teaser shows that it will be a fitness tracker at an extremely low price point. We may also see some advanced features like ECG, VO2 Max and other fitness features. The Amazfit Stratos has already tapped into Firstbeat’s features – so it could filter down to its budget watches. The range of smartwatches are going up for Amazfit. The company had launched Amazfit GTS at IFA 2019 which is quite similar in design, features and spec sheet to that of Apple Watch. Amazfit also launched the Amazfit Stratos 3 sports watch which can be compared to the top-end Garmin sports watches. Three new Amazfit wearables at CES The Amazfit Bip S is one of the three wearables promised in the Amazfit teaser. As mentioned before, the focus of the company is on pushing for fitness. The teaser shows a wrist-device and also a pair of smart wireless buds. These are devices that are high on demand these days.

The teaser also highlights the sneakers which could be a redefined Amazfit Antelope smart shoes, some kind of foot pod or a bluff to keep us all under suspense altogether. But it is a possibility that a pair of new smart shoes is emerging. As seen for Xiaomi devices, the Chinese market is the target for Huami.The focus of the devices on sports is a result of the popularity of fitness in China. The event is to be held on the 7th of January in Las Vegas. More details on the smartwatch and an idea on what is next from the company will all be revealed at the event.