All-new Xplora 3S is better than ever

· 1 min read

Xplora, the Norwegian manufacturer of wearable devices has developed an excellent smartwatch for kids named 3S which was recently unveiled to the world. Similar to its previous smartwatches that the company has manufactured, this one also puts focus on the safety of the kids and also provides parents with a way to always check on their children. But the Xplora 3S also ensures that the kids get the extraordinary smartwatch experience similar to what the Apple Watch or Google Wear offers. One of the best things about this watch is that it comes with IP67 waterproof performance rating. As a result, this watch can function without any hassle in 1.5m depth under water for at least 30 minutes.

The watch also comes with an inbuilt camera that has provides with its own storage. Thus, the watch allows your kids to take snaps apart from providing call as well as message support. Furthermore, the device is also blessed with the geolocation tech which includes WiFi, GPS and GSM triangulation that will help you to monitor the activity of your kids whenever they are out.