Acquire benefits from the sun rays: Smart UV monitors are the solution.

· 2 mins read

With the depletion of the ozone layer, we are becoming more vulnerable to the UV radiation of the sun. While tanning, freckling or sunburn can be attributed to small-scale threats of UV radiation from the sun, the biggest risk that it poses is skin cancer. Thus, controlling the exposure to the ultraviolet light is very important in order to live in a safe environment.

Though it mostly damages our body, UV radiation has some benefits too. It stimulates the formation of Vitamin D which is very essential when it comes to strengthening our bones. But in the larger picture, it is very important to control the exposure of UV rays in order to eliminate the risk of life-threatening skin cancer.

Smart wearables can be of great help when it comes to controlling the UV exposure. Well, there are only a few Smart UV monitors available in the market from certain brands that allow you to clip it onto your clothing or to directly stick it to your skin. The UV monitors notify you when you have reached the daily limit of UV exposure, to make sure that you can take appropriate action to save yourself from overexposure. Amongst the popular ones, L’Oreal MY UV Patch which is 50 micrometres thick and sticks on your skin for as long as 5 days is an amazing product. L’Oreal My UV Sense is another one and Shade UV Sensor that comes with a powerful magnet to stay attached to your apparel, Netamo June and a few more are there for aiding you to stay safe.

Thus get your one and start saying safe.