Achieve Your Fitness Goals With The New Google Fit Feature

· 2 mins read

Google has come up with a small solution to help you lead a stress-free life. A new guided breathing feature is now available within the Google Fit app. Apple Watch, Fitbit Smartwatch and Samsung Galaxy Watch owners are familiar with this feature.

Although Google hasn’t come out with how this app is going to turn out, we expect it to work in the same way as other smartwatches. If your Wear watch has an HR monitor then it’s probably designed for tracking your heartbeat. It is also possible to practice breathing exercises with visual cues and vibrator motor connected to your smartwatch. Move Minutes and Heart points are two activity goals developed by the World Health Organization (WHO) based on WHO’s physical activity recommendations. They executed this idea within Google Fitbit app. You can add a Google Fit Widget to your home screen and view these activities in a much easier way. With Google Fitbit’s new features you can analyze the work you have done by swiping on a slider under each session in the app.

This feature will help you prepare goals for a fit body. People are getting more and more conscious about fitness, and realizing that need Google Fit worked with many of the best apps to provide a suitable platform to help with fitness goals.