A Wearable to Read Your Emotions from Amazon

· 1 min read

The Amazon team that developed its Echo smart speaker and the Fire phone, is now working along with the team that works on Alexa smart assistant to build a voice activated wearable that can recognise human emotions.

Codenamed Dylan, the device will be wrist-worn, and packed with microphones. It is to work synergistically with a smartphone app to discern the emotional state of the individual wearing the device form their voice. The technology is believed to further help the wearer by suggesting ways for more effective interactions. Although there are claims that this technology is under beta testing, Amazon declines to comment as before when there were reports of Amazon developing an Alexa enabled wearable to complete with Apple’s AirPods.

It is only a matter of time before Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant which is key in its Smart Home reaches the wrist. The question here is if this wearable will see the light of day.