Invoxia along with Wamiz releases a pet tracker

· 2 mins read

Wearable technology, GPS tracking, fitness tracking and every similar concept is rapidly getting better. When Invoxia, the telecom giant shook hands with Wamiz and launched the Pet Tracker, the tech world fell in love with the idea. It is GPS tracker that can be attached to your pet’s collar and as it has an IP67 rating, waterproofing is also quite good. The gizmo weighs just 156 g with dimensions of 41X24X17mm, thus serving the purpose of tracking without being too bulky.

An amazing battery life of six months and rechargeable when it is over, Pet Tracker sits on your pet’s collar daily without any troubles whatsoever. The standout feature of the collar is it gives you the ability to mark a designated area for your pet and if it wanders away, you get an alert.

Alongside, you can even keep a tab on the regular location with a tracking frequency of your choice. You can set it on a 10-minute alert to let you know about the whereabouts of your pet. Also, if you want to have a more precise check, you can get alerts in every 3 minutes to check whether your pet is inside the marked zone.

Priced at 7,500 INR, Invoxia decided on a one-time subscription fee that will run for three years, quite an unlikely step when compared to other pet trackers in the market.